FM GROUP Cosmetics UK

Information Duty

FM Cosmetics UK Ltd, 490-492 Neasden Lane North, London NW10 0DG, works in the branch of Multi Level Marketing and offers a wide range of fragrances, cosmetics and household cleaning and maintenance products. We base our economic activity on multi level marketing that is based on selling and promoting products through building a sales network created by a series of recommendations.

The candidate is willing to join the FM GROUP Club by filling out the online application form on the website in the tab ”Join Us.” The candidate, to submit an offer for the conclusion of the agreement, needs to agree to processing of his/her personal data in the scope necessary for the agreement of the participation in the FM GROUP Club (Business Partnership Agreement, Agreement) to be complete.

In the process of registration it is necessary to provide a unique email address and personal details.

The finalisation of the registration process according to the instruction provided in the present document leads to conclusion of agreement of participation in FM GROUP Club (Business Partnership), by virtue of which the Candidate becomes the FM GROUP Club Member.

FM GROUP Products are available only for FM GROUP Club Members. To purchase our products you need to be an FM GROUP Club Member (Business Partner). In certain defined circumstances you can also build a sales network and receive commission in the form of discount or remuneration.


  • Filling out an application form on the website – submitting an offer for the conclusion of agreement;
  • Confirmation of receiving the offer by FM Cosmetics UK by sending an email to the email address provided on the form along with the activation link;
  • Clicking the activation link (the moment of concluding the agreement for participation in the FM GROUP Club);
  • Receiving from FM Cosmetics UK login ID and a single-use password, and confirmation of concluding the agreement.

Technical actions composing the conclusion of the agreement

By filling out an application form in tab "Join Us" on the website, the Candidate submits an offer for the conclusion of the agreement for participation in the FM GROUP Club, as a result of which the Candidate becomes an FM GROUP Club Member according the FM GROUP Club Regulations, Marketing Plan and the Code of Ethics.

Along with the confirmation of receiving the offer, FM Cosmetics UK will also send the Candidate the activation link to the unique email address provided by the Candidate. Clicking the link simultaneously confirms that the Candidate filled out the registration for the tab "Join Us" on the website FM Cosmetics UK will confirm the agreement is concluded by sending a final email confirmation along with the Login ID and a single-use password. Please note that the final confirmation email will be send out to the Candidate during opening hours Mo-Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm with the agreement signed by FM Cosmetics UK.

FM Cosmetics UK uses the Code of Ethics available before registering. The Code of Ethics is also available after logging in on the FM Cosmetics UK website, and in the Distributor Centre: 490-492 Neasden Lane North, London NW10 0DG.

The Agreement is concluded in English only.

The contents of the offer, and after its acceptance, the contents of the Agreement are consolidated by FM Cosmetics UK in servers protected from access by unauthorised people. FM Cosmetics UK uses security policy in the scope of personal data protection. The Agreement is stored by FM Cosmetics UK. The contents of the agreement are available after logging in on the website FM GROUP Club Regulations and can be made accessible to the Business Partner upon his/her request.

Details are entered to the system by means of the online application form. The form enables errors to be detected by using active forms. These details need to assume a certain format in order for them to be entered. Incorrect data entered by the Candidate, and then confirming it by submitting the form can be corrected by direct contact with the Call Centre (0208 451 7776) or by sending an email to The correction of data will occur upon previous verification of the person applying for this correction. The form by means of which the details are submitted, is protected by SSL protocol. The data included in the form are encrypted.

The Prices are available here and in the online shop:

The rules of placing orders, and the policy of claims and returns can be found here

Business Partner has the right to withdraw from the Agreement concluded online within 14 days from its concluding and in order to do so, he/she should submit a letter based on a template available here after logging in.

Each Party has the right to terminate the Agreement (Membership in FM GROUP Club) with two weeks notice, effective at the end of calendar month.

I declare that as an FM GROUP Business Partner who signed the Business Partnership Agreement with FM Cosmetics UK, I am aware that if, in certain circumstances, FM Cosmetics UK Branch is closed, my FM Account will be relocated to another FM GROUP Branch chosen by FM GROUP World without the necessity of signing a new agreement.

If you do not understand any of the provisions of the documents or have any questions about any of the documents please contact the company on 02084517776 for assistance before proceeding further with the application.

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.